TwistedAngel Jewelry Designs - Unique, Custom, Hand-crafted Jewelry from Maine

Swarovski Pendants
Many colors to chose from in stock

Swarovski "Tennis" Bracelets
 Bead woven     
in stock

Various Gemstone Necklaces
in stock

Sandy Earrings- in various color combos
Swarovski Crystal & Seed Bead
Triangle Weave Earrings
in stock

Swarovski Bead woven Pins
in stock

TwistedAngel Jewelry Booth
Casco Bay High Christmas Craft Show
  Portland, Maine  November 2014
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The Studio- The new bead space!! Completed in August 2016, the larger sunnier space, is more accessible, and can accommodate two or three students, right here!

Hematite & Seed Bead Anklets

Several sizes and colors in stock

 Guitar Pick Earrings

in stock

Vintage Rose Hair clip/Lapel clip

Vintage Love Earrings
Copper with Garnet Fire Polished

Blue Goldstone Daggers with Fresh Water Pearls

Hematite & Swarovski Set
"Kait's Favored Gems"

"Musical Garnets"
Custom Gift

Rainbow  Flourite & Quartz Crystal

Custom  Order

Crystal & Seed Bead anklets

Chenille Stitch Rope Bracelets

Bead woven  Earrings

Holiday Ornaments

in stock

Bridal Wear

My daughter's Custom Set created for her!!

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